Being an Entrepreneur (Starting a Small Press Publisher)

I’ve always been the artsy type. From a young age I was focused on creating art through writing and I had little interest in anything else. I never considered any career other than novelist. To me business majors and people getting MBAs were slick, untrustworthy, and living in a completely different world from me (forgive me my prejudice and stereotyping!)

Imagine my surprise when I turned into a business person, founding and running my own company!

Even more unexpected, I discovered that I really like the business side of creative writing. Sometimes we think we know ourselves but a surprise is waiting around the corner.

I’ve been devouring books, magazines, and blogs about business statements, marketing, profit and loss, return on investment, personal branding, and all things for the entrepreneur. And I love it! It’s so interesting. I enjoy testing out techniques to reach a wider audience and the more I learn the better work I can do for my authors (myself included!)

I think I really just love anything connected to books.

In my last job I worked mostly with spreadsheets and I hated it. But now I love my spreadsheets. I enjoy seeing how each book is doing, crunching the sales numbers, planning launch strategies. The difference is that my spreadsheets now are for projects that I care about. My spreadsheets at my old job were for projects that I had no personal connection to and they were just numbers without any context.

You may think that you’re only interested in being an artiste and all this crass business stuff is for other people, but I’d recommend giving it a chance and see what happens. You may surprise yourself just as I did!

I’ve given myself permission to expand beyond the limited label I gave myself and now when I hear about an opportunity to learn some aspect of business I’m not shrugging it off; I’m saying yes, that is for me. I am the owner of a company and I can keep learning and growing and expanding who I am and what my interests are.

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