Unlock My Heart Delay

I apologize that I did not announce this sooner.

There has been a delay in Unlock My Heart by Alice Gibson and it is now in limbo. We don’t currently have an estimate on when the release will happen.

I’ll announce in the newsletter as soon as we know what is ultimately going to happen!



Love In Touch Book Blog Tour!

We have so many wonderful tour stops spanning two months of time! There will be so many opportunities for you to connect with Lucy and learn more about her, plus several of the stops have giveaways. Here are all the stops…


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Cover Reveal: How To Write Characters with Physical Disabilities

how to book cover kindle

This is a non-fiction reference work that is going to be available for sale starting October 2013!

I think writers are going to get a lot out of this book. It has some really detailed medical information to help you get accuracy in your stories.

Check out the table of contents:

Why Include Characters with Disabilities?
Ensuring Your Story is Accurate
Notes on Specific Disabilities
Spinal Muscular Atrophy
Multiple Sclerosis
Cerebral Palsy
Muscular Dystrophy
Spina Bifida
Spinal Cord Injury
Misconceptions to Avoid When Writing Disabled Characters into Your Story
Disability Shouldn’t Be a Surface Metaphor
Disabled People Have Just as Much on Their Minds as Anyone Else
Disability Isn’t a Great Conflict
Get the Sex Right
Diversity and Community
The Disability Isn’t the Story
Disabled Villains Should Be Believable Villains
Look Deeper
Playing with Stereotypes, or, The Last Thing Anyone Expects
Prompts for Playing with Stereotypes
Integration is Always Important
Clichés in Fiction

Happy Dance

We just found out that we’ve won a video scholarship from Rory Gordon Photo!

What does that mean?

Well, Rory has a business where she tells the stories of people and businesses through photo and video. She had a contest last year for someone to win a free video about their small business.

Dev Love Press was in the top three and now it’s just been announced that we won the video!

So Ms. Rory is going to be coming to see our little office and make a video about what we do. I’m so looking forward to sharing it with you.

It looks like she’ll be coming to film in the spring when The Boy Next Door launches on platforms like Nook, Smashwords, and Kobo.

I’ll keep you posted about it!

Read more here: http://rorygordon.tumblr.com/post/39944065478/2012-video-scholarship-recipient

The Boy Next Door is Here!

We are thrilled to announce the launch of Annabelle Costa’s The Boy Next Door, the sweet and romantic tale of a sassy girl who doesn’t understand love nearly as much as she thinks she does.

You can learn more about the book by following Annabelle on virtual tour. If all goes as planned, she will have some guest posts and reviews on the following schedule…

Monday, December 31st: http://vickiejohnstone.blogspot.co.uk/

Tuesday, January 1st: www.ruthmadison.com 

Wednesday, January 2nd: www.chicklitcentral.com

Thursday, January 3rd: http://shortsweetandsnappy.wordpress.com

“Readers hearts will melt as love rolls in with this one-of-a-kind story that is both hilarious and romantic. Costa’s voice is bold, refreshing and the narrative is delivered with such spunk, fans of chick-lit will squeal with delight. With characters this vivid and animated, you almost expect them to stroll off the page in this book your friends will be begging to borrow.”

-Jaime A. Geraldi, The Romantic Times


Available now in paperback at Amazon.com and for Kindle as an ebook (Nook and other e-versions coming in April)

And here’s a fun graphic that Annabelle created for you to enjoy and share:

novel, book, chick lit, wheelchair, paralyzed

Opening Submissions Wider

After asking around and doing some research, we’ve decided to widen our submission criteria and acquire manuscripts that feature females with disabilities as well. We want to be a go-to source for reading the love stories of people who have physical disabilities and that includes both men and women.

As a friend on Twitter said: “And with regard to writing about PWD, I think not enough realize our stories are just as rich and interesting as anyone’s.”

So, if you’ve got a manuscript you’re working on where there’s an element of a love story and one or both characters has a physical disability, we’re very interested in taking a look!

Visit our submissions guidelines page to find out more.