DLP’s Writing Characters With Physical Disabilities

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The information you need to write characters with physical disabilities effectively!

At DLP we have put together this reference manual to help writers everywhere create realistic and compelling characters who have physical disabilities.

ISBN: 978-0985826345



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You’re writing a book and one of your characters has a physical disability. Maybe it’s crucial to the plot. Maybe you thought it would be nice to give your character a more unique and unusual back story. Maybe you just want a realistic book and in real life sometimes people have disabilities.

Even in a fiction book, you’re going to want to get the details right. Is someone with a vision impairment really going to walk up to a stranger and start feeling his face? Can someone with Muscular Dystrophy feel their legs? How does someone without legs drive a car? How does a spinal cord injury really impact sexual function?

This book has the answers. It is divided up into sections for nine common physical disabilities you may want to give your characters. Each section includes…

    • An overview of the disability
    • An explanation of the causes of this disability
    • The physical effects of the disability
    • Adaptations and equipment a person with this disability might use
    • Common misconceptions

The second part includes helpful essays about disability in fiction, including common cliches to avoid and playing with stereotypes.

The information in this book will guide you in creating a unique and compelling story where physical disability adds to the richness of the book you are creating.

Here is the Table of Contents:

Why Include Characters with Disabilities?.

Ensuring Your Story is Accurate.

Notes on Specific Disabilities.



Spinal Muscular Atrophy.

Multiple Sclerosis.

Cerebral Palsy.

Muscular Dystrophy.

Spina Bifida.


Spinal Cord Injury.

Misconceptions to Avoid When Writing Disabled Characters into Your Story 

Disability Shouldn’t Be a Surface Metaphor.

Disabled People Have Just as Much on Their Minds as Anyone Else.

Disability Isn’t a Great Conflict

Get the Sex Right

Diversity and Community.

People with Disabilities Are Biased Too.

Not Everyone Has A Perfect Set Up..

The Disability Isn’t the Story.

Disabled Villains Should Be Believable Villains.

Check Your Privilege.

Look Deeper.

Playing with Stereotypes, or, The Last Thing Anyone Expects.

Prompts for Playing with Stereotypes.

Integration is Always Important

Clichés in Fiction..



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