Press Kit: (W)hole

TITLE: (W)hole
AUTHOR: Ruth Madison
RELEASE DATE: October 10th, 2012 (second edition)
ISBN: 978-0-9858263-1-4

BUY LINKS: Paperback, Amazon Kindle, Barnes & Noble Nook+Paperback, Smashwords

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Elizabeth has lived a quiet and sheltered life, but she has a problem and she doesn’t know where it came from.  She is only attracted to men with physical disabilities.

Stewart was a pro surfer before a failed rescue attempt left him paralyzed from the waist down.  He came to Massachusetts to leave behind his past.  When they meet, Elizabeth and Stewart begin a relationship based on secrets.

Inevitably the truth is uncovered and they both must learn how to accept the broken parts in themselves and each other.

Sequel Information: Breath(e) by Ruth Madison

-The synopsis won an honorable mention from the Byline Novel Synopsis contest

-The book was an award finalist in the romance category of the USA Book News’s National Best Books Awards in 2009


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“What a fantastic writer you are. You had me hooked by the end of the second paragraph…I’ve never been able to identify so completely with a female character until now.”

“I read the book in 24 hours (on and off, obviously) and completely loved it. I’m so sad it isn’t longer.”

“I found much of it compelling. I was drawn to the main character Elizabeth and was very interested in her character development. It enabled me to understand sexual development in young women better. It was also an obvious pro disability rights text which I very much appreciated…The bottom line is your book made me think for sure. For that, I extend a very big thank you.”

There isn’t enough fiction out there with characters who have disabilities. Ruth Madison aims to fix that.

After years of combing through the dusty back shelves of libraries looking for her elusive, imperfect hero, she started writing her own.

Ruth’s romantic tales are full of wounded heroes: men physically challenged by life, but not defeated. These men overcome the difficulties of amputation, paralysis, or cerebral palsy to find acceptance, happiness, and heroines who love them exactly as they are.


The subject of sexuality and disability has only recently come into media attention. Slowly people are beginning to approach the important place of sexual fulfillment in everyone’s life. One aspect that is often brought up in such discussions, but is rarely explored, is disability devoteeism.

If you’ve never heard this word before, a devotee is, quite simply, someone whose sexual fantasies and desires involve a person with a physical disability, usually a mobility or sight impairment. There are many reactions to such a concept, but until now no one has attempted to explain the mind of a devotee from his or her own point of view.

The first of its kind, novelist Ruth Madison brings us the story of the relationship between a paraplegic man and devotee woman. The book, (W)hole, dives into the world and mind of a devotee and honestly examines the issues involved in having this sexual fetish.

When asked what inspired this story, Madison had this to say, “I wanted to explore all the aspects of how this attraction effects a person’s life. It was important to me to show that devotees are not necessarily perverted or sick or monstrous…they are human beings struggling as we all struggle to understand ourselves and to find love.”

For ten years Madison wrote and researched, winning an award for her novel’s pitch and an honorable mention for its plot summary.

Beyond being a fascinating peek into an unusual world, this book is an entertaining and fast-paced read. It brings hope that love can find a way no matter the circumstances.

“This is a love story,” Madison says, “The characters face some unusual challenges, but that only helps to show how love can grow from unexpected beginnings.”

If you’ve ever been curious about devoteeism, now is your chance to step into the mind of someone who has it and see an entirely new perspective on what it is and what it means.

-March, 2011



-Available for events based in the Maryland and Washington, D.C. area

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