Resources for Writers

I was recently reading about a convention that’s being set up to help writers learn to write fight scenes better. It got me thinking that writers might like a resource that will help them with visualizing how people with disabilities move or accomplish tasks.

To start out I’m linking some YouTube videos that will allow you to observe some of the actions you may be trying to put into words.

I hope these videos will help you visualize how your characters move or how they might do some every day things.

Eventually I’d like to include interviews with people who are both writers and have disabilities to give you tips for your books.

Don’t forget that we also have a book that gives an overview of various types of physical disabilities you might be writing about and what cliches to avoid: You Can Write Characters With Physical Disabilities

Paraplegic Transfer Into Car Independently

Modifications to a Home To Make it Accessible for Paraplegic

How to Parent as a Paraplegic Mother

Information For Types of Wheelchairs

Using a Hoyer-Style Lift to Transfer from Wheelchair to Bed for a Quadriplegic

How to Get From Wheelchair to Floor and Back for a Double Leg Amputee

How to Get Back to Wheelchair After Falling for a Paraplegic

Quad Amputee Using a Dressing Assistance Device for Pants

Paraplegic Getting Dressed

This whole channel has a lot of how-to videos for paraplegics:

Amputee Advice: Carrying Things with Crutches

How to Wear High Heels with a Prosthesis

How to Clean a Stump and Liner

This whole channel has a lot of information for amputees:

How to Braid Your Hair with One Hand

How Blind People Cross the Street

How Blind People Dream

How Do Blind People Use the Computer

Can Deaf People Drive?

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