What Makes a Good Book?

What makes a good book? The question is enormously subjective. There are a lot of different styles out there and a lot of different tastes.

If you read a book that a bunch of people have raved about, but you hate it, what conclusion do you draw? Do you decide the book is junk and everyone needs to know that? Do you go onto the web and tell everyone you can how awful it was?

If a lot of people say they liked it, do you assume they are lying?

Or do you think maybe other people look for something different in a book? Maybe your taste is not the same as everyone else in the world? After all, even the big NY publishers put out books that have one star reviews on Amazon. Someone believed it was a good book!

But some books are just objectively bad. Right?

This is a question I’m becoming more and more interested in. So tell me, what are your standards for a book? Is it different depending on the genre? (Do you judge an airport thriller with the same standard as a literary classic?) What factors influence whether you love a book and want to tell everyone you know to read it or whether you hate a book so much that you have to warn everyone that it will ruin their life if they read it?