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Crossing the Line by Caitlyn Armistead Coming September 21st, 2015

Sergeant Nathan Thompson is a combat medic who took an early retirement from the military after losing his leg in Afghanistan.  Megan Henderson is a dedicated paramedic who has saved countless lives. When they’re forced to work together, tensions flare—Nathan thinks Megan is a condescending know it all, and Megan resents a partner who might not be able to offer 100%.
But as they work together, responding to calls at car wrecks, nursing homes, and for drug addicts, their mutual respect grows. Though Megan is a married woman, she can’t help but feel drawn to Nathan’s confidence and compassion.  Maybe it’s her imagination, but he seems to feel the same way about her.
Then Nathan starts noticing the mysterious bruises appearing on Megan’s arms, and her excuses just don’t add up. The next life Nathan has to save may be that of his own partner—if only she’ll let him.


Untitled by Lucy May Lennox

Parallel Loves by Ruth Madison

What Is Meant to Be (working title) by Ruth Madison 

There’s more going on behind the scenes but we’re not quite ready to announce the titles yet!



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